From the beginning, Hands Helping Hands, Inc. has focused on positively impacting the communities in the Northern California Bay Area with the objective of improving, enriching and empowering the lives of those most vulnerable and through advocating and visioning their efforts to go from surviving to thriving.


It has been the founders’ grass-roots solution oriented ethic “to get beneath the problem”; where in which Hands Helping Hands, Inc. was born. 

In March of 2008, the founder, started by supporting local tutorial and neighborhood based conflict resolution programs for individuals that had been affected by system involvement in Oakland and throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition, during the holiday season, a 2-3 person crew would cook, prepare and distribute several dozen hot Thanksgiving Day dinners to the homeless and hungry of Oakland. With the help of Safeway, National Holistic Institute, Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café and other local business, Hands Helping Hands, Inc. has grown to serving hundreds of holiday meals across the Bay Area, often helping like-minded organizations do the same. 

Today, Hands Helping Hands, Inc. collaborates with organizations like Dignity Housing West, 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, A Safe Place, Magnolia Recovery Center, Village-Connect, Lend A Hand Foundation and other community service providers, many of whom are listed in our grant awardee section.

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The members and collaborators of Hands Helping Hands, Inc. are comprised of community leaders, practitioners, academics, policymakers and advocates drawing on their insight and experience from various fields in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

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A Safe Place


Because Black Is Still Beautiful

Beebe Memorial

Castlemont High School

Community Giving Foundation

Community Works

Dignity Housing West, Inc.

Each One Teach One

Friendship Christian Center

Hands Helping Hands, Inc.

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